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About Us
Who We Are
The company was started in April 1989 by Mr.Arun Raghavan when domestic tourism was experiencing a boom and tourists from Bombay requiring both budget and deluxe accommodation on their holidays and honeymoons, had the ardent task of running from pillar to post to figure out for themselves or from sometimes unreliable sources, where to go, how long to stay and which would be the most suitable hotel or resort for them and how much would it cost. Quite often, their efforts would yield disastrous results, as without knowledge of holiday routes, distances and time taken from one destination to another, facilities at resorts and places to see in each holiday resort and the risk of not getting their accommodation on arrival, they would often make all the wrong choices. What was desperately needed then, was someone who could guide them to do the right things.
Our Business
Cougar Resorts and Travels Pvt. Ltd. has clearly understood the needs of the tourist, over the past 23 years in operation and represented resorts are both in the budget and deluxe category, between 2 and 5 star standard. All the resorts have been carefully selected, due to their high standard of service and attention to detail, cuisine served and location in each destination. Almost every Cougar preferred resort is in an enviable location, compared to other hotels and most of them are the best in their standard. The resorts under the Cougar banner are located on beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, tea and coffee estates, backwater canals, mountains and islands.Every destination and holiday planned is definately value for money. Whether it is a destination within India or a foreign land, our clients prefer us to make the arrangements, as we are in the know as to what tour is popular and the credentials of agents outside India who will service them, when they are there. We have thus emerged as their “holidaymaker” no matter where they want to go. Due to increasing demand from our clients to visit foreign locales either on business or pleasure, we have tied up with several suppliers Internationally at preferred rates at hotels in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, USA and several other popular destinations and no doubt the validity of the booking is as usual iron clad. Directly, clients can never hope to get such low rates directly, as they would through us. A large number of foreign tourists visiting Bombay who require onward hotels at resort locations are referred to us. Consular offices in Bombay, requiring holiday accommodation at very good standard resorts are in touch with us periodically at different times of the year.

Cougar Resorts will no doubt continue to find new and out of the way fairytale destinations, providing an exciting and adventurous holiday to tourists who are looking for a place to spend their much-needed break, from the monotony of urban life and high-pressure work.

For Further Detail or Suggestions
Mr. Arun Raghavan : +91-22-22641001, +91 9821350161
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